Chic Sophistic tours

These are experiences thoroughly thought in order to offer unique and different experiences in Canada. Each package is tailored made in order to capture travelers specific taste in order to offer them the best trip in our country. Each detail is rigorously checked to guarantee the highest quality and standard. Visit Canada with an expert friend.




Chic Sophistic tours is a Luxury Vacations whose main purpose is to promote Canada as a luxury and exotic destination for travelers, while offering unique and unforgettable experiences.
We understand traveler’s interests and needs to design specialized tours in Canada, offering once in a life time experiences that represent our culture. Everything is tailored made where travelers will be able to interact with locals, while having VIP access to exclusive places.
We work side by side with our local communities in order to offer travelers a complete insight of what our customs and cultures really are.
We offer a complete service, where our clients will feel right at home. They won’t have to worry about anything, just to relax, enjoy and have a great time in Canada.


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